• Metwood Joist Reinforcers

    Metwood Joist Reinforcers are engineered light gauge steel add-ons, that give greater flexibility in the routing and installation of utilities when using Engineered I-Joists, 2 x 8’s, 2 x 10’s, or 2 x 12’s. Shop online at Metwood's reinforcer store.


    Metwood Joist Reinforcers
  • Metwood TUFF WALL™

    Metwood TUFF WALL™ is fully panelized load bearing and non-load bearing Cold-Formed Steel (CFS) wall framing system ideal for residential and light commercial construction.

    Metwood TUFF WALL™
  • TUFF BEAM™ - Structural Steel Beam

    The Metwood TUFF BEAM™ is a compact structural beam of incredible strength, capable of spanning greater distances with fewer vertical supports while allowing the passage of utilities right through the structural member.

    TUFF BEAM™ - Structural Steel Beam

    TUFF JOIST+ are reinforced Cold Formed Steel Joist.

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    Metwood Maison 197


    Posted by Metwood Building Solutions on Thursday, February 4, 2016


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