About Metwood

Metwood, Inc. is a publicly traded company (OTCBB-MTWD). Founded in 1993, our products are engineered to combine the strength of steel and the fastening advantages of wood. Metwood's innovations have revolutionized the residential and commercial markets. Our fully staffed design and engineering department is equipped with the latest technology and software, designing products that are setting the standards of tomorrow.

Our achievements in the business industry are continuously being recognized. Metwood has been awarded four patents for its innovative building products and is constantly researching and developing other patentable products. In addition, Metwood was featured in the April 1996 Construction section of Popular Science in an article emphasizing the utilization of a combination of metal and wood. The attention that Metwood enjoys the most, however, pertains to our positive impact on the long-term growth of light gage steel in residential and commercial construction.

Metwood is currently a member of:

  • Roanoke Regional Home Builders Association-RRHBA
  • Home Builders Association of Virginia-HBAV
  • National Home Builders Association -NHBA
  • Commercial Builders Council-CBC
  • Builders and Associates of Central Virginia-BACV
  • New River Valley Home Builders Association-NRVHBA
  • National Commercial Builder Council-NCBC
  • Franklin County Chamber of Commerce
  • Steel Framing Alliance-SFA
  • Steel Truss and Component Association-STCA
  • Light Gauge Steel Engineers Association-LGSEA
  • Virginia Society of American Institute of Architects-VSAIA
  • Mid-Atlantic Steel Framing Alliance-MASFA
  • Better Business Bureau-BBB
  • National Remodelor's Council-NRC