We're always talking about innovation, and we have good reason, the very material we use in all of our products, Cold Formed Steel (CFS) is the perfect building material. Long used in commercial and industrial construction, CFS has come a long way, and it's getting even better. Now residential builders are beginning to discover the benefits of CFS for residential and light commercial buildings. To get the word out we're launching the 5 Ways Better Campaign. 5 Ways Better begins as a simple set of articles discussing each of the 5 Ways a building project can benefit from the use of CFS. Here's the run down.

  • Versatile - All Metwood building products can be cut and installed onsite using common power tools. No welding or cutting torches required; trimming can be done quickly with a reciprocating saw or circular saw with a metal cutting blade, with easy assembly using self-tapping screws. All Metwood CFS products can be used as a complete system or as individual components.
  • Strength - Our metal building products surpass equivalent wood components in every strength category, allowing us to achieve higher load capacities and longer spans with fewer vertical supports, with components that require less space.
  • Green - Metwood is committed to the continual development of environmentally friendly products. Although there are very few applications for re-cycled wood products, currently 60% of the steel used in our building products come from recycled materials.
  • Fire Resistant - If you’re looking for kindling, typically you want wood or a wood based product. Steel is currently the most fire resistant building material available.
  • Corrosion and Pest Resistant - Our Cold Formed Steel building components are treated for maximum resistance to corrosion. Pests just can’t get a foothold in CFS.