Mar 17, 2008
NEW ICF Beam Hanger constructed of heavy gauge galvanized steel

NEW ICF BEAM HANGER - Metwood has introduced a new ICF Beam Hanger (patent pending) designed to simplify and streamline the installation of Metwood floorSPAN systems. Metwood ICF Hangers are made of heavy guage galvanized steel with a 5.25” ID and are designed to handle Metwood's standard two ply throughSPAN and truSPAN beams used in it... continue reading.

Mar 27, 2007
The River Company - Interview with Mark Hall

We first reported the River Company project in the Spring ‘07 issue of the Newsletter. At that time the opening of the upscale restaurant was planned for fall of ‘07. But this project is a labor of love for owner builder, Mark Hall, and he’s not rushing it. Significant improvements have been added since last Spring and the opening has... continue reading.

Mar 27, 2007
Journal of Light Construction Features Metwood steel beams to open up the attic in this home

When faced with a challenge, you can either back down, take the traditional safe approach, or try to hit a home run. A home run is nice, especially if it’s a sure thing. When Arlington, Massachusetts contractor Kipton Tewksbury took on the job of finishing an attic in a historic home, he looked for a way to do the job better and more... continue reading.

Mar 25, 2007
New “BIG IDEAS” Brochure - Cold formed steel beams and more ideas

Our new 16 page brochure introduces "BIG IDEAS", our new tagline and an outline of "5 Ways Better", our campaign to get the word out about the benefits of Cold Form Steel in residential and commercial construction. 

The new brochure features the complete product line, lots of project photos, the new 3D Joist Reinforcer renderings... continue reading.

Mar 14, 2007
Metwood Launches "5 Ways Better" Campaign to explain the benefits of cold formed steel products

We're always talking about innovation, and we have good reason, the very material we use in all of our products, Cold Formed Steel (CFS) is the perfect building material. Long used in commercial and industrial construction, CFS has come a long way, and it's getting even better. Now residential builders are beginning to discover the... continue reading.

Jan 26, 2007
Restaurant and Winery Project using Metwood Steel Beams

Installation of the Radford Restaurant and Winery began the second week of December with Mike Callahan himself supervising installation of the beams.

"It's a good sized project", said Mike, "perfect for Metwood. We'll cover more space with fewer vertical supports than would be possible with any other system".